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So, let me tell you more about myself. (I'll try to keep it snappy as biogs can be a bit dull!)

I left Harrogate in Yorkshire when I was 18 and went to London to attend drama school. It was daunting but not difficult as I had to follow my heart and knew this was the right journey for me.

I soon moved from acting to television presentation and became established as Little Alex on Playhouse Disney. There are still occasions to this day when people share their fond memories of watching the program with their children. Trouble is, their tots are now in their early 20's!

In 2002, I landed a Ch5 quiz show called Brainteaser. It was LIVE at lunchtime every weekday and 4 contestants would battle it out, playing word puzzles, until only one entered the final. It was brilliant fun and ran for 5 years. With no script or autocue is was a fab job for a presenter to grow.

It was filmed in Bristol and so took me away from London where I'd been since 1991. I couldn't have been happier - the West Country is where I'm meant to be and I adore it.

In 2005 I heard the local BBC news were looking for a new presenter. I had two auditions and was offered the job - on a trial basis! I wasn't a journalist so they knew it would be a steep learning curve but they liked me and wanted to try me out. I am truly so proud to be the female anchor of BBC Points West and am sure that I've never been happier.

When I am out and about and people chat to me, like a friend they've known for years, I glow. Thank you if you've ever done this!

So what about off-camera?

When I was working on Brainteaser, I met my husband who also works in the industry but behind the scenes. When I'm not on the telly box, I'm either tinkering with our house that I adore, planting and propagating the garden or fawning over some new piece of furniture I've fallen in love with and aim to restore to sublime magnificence... all of the above with my beloved dog and cats by my side.

The future?

More of the same please!